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The Angel of Wealth

The Angel of Wealth, the guardian of the royal treasure, is highly respected and believed to enhance prosperity and financial success.

Ropes Course

Vana Nava Hua Hin is elevating its visitors to new heights! At 13.4 meters high, the Ropes Course provides a rousing challenge and is suitable for all ages.

Climbing Wall

Make friends in high places! Our 13 meter high Climbing Wall offers an exhilarating outdoor adventure for all, including the kids!

Surf Zone

The ultimate in surf simulators provides fast moving waters. Our team is on site to guide you as you try out maneuvers on body boards and surf boards…on the Double Flow Rider.

Carnival Gift & Games

Another area to relax and entertain friends and family with a variety of game machines from NAMCO, the world’s leading game arcade specialists.


Freefall takes you up 18 meters high – then drops you straight down at up to 50 km/h.


The only vertical looping slide in Thailand. This slide is exhilarating for riders and spectators, with speeds of up to 60 km/h.


Inner-Tube takes you through slides, dramatic twists, turns and drops at speed in one or two person tubes. A mega experience for the entire family.

Master Blaster

Experience gravity-defying momentum, soaring uphill at speeds of up 45 km/h with hair raising drops, and of course &#8211 unstoppable excitement!


Takes riders through a series of cylinders that create different sensations as they raft down from a height of over 13 meters… Wow! A crazy adventure not for the faint-hearted!


Get launched into a giant Bowl, with natural forces keeping you stuck along the wall before dropping you down into the pool below.


Up to 6 people can soar together to a height of 28 meters, share four or five near-vertical spins and then plummet into a huge funnel at speeds of over 45 km/h.


Experience weightlessness as you shoot up and down the wall at up to 45 km/h before splashing down into a pool over 20 meters below! At 179 meters in length, this is the longest slide in Thailand!

Vana Nava Falls

Exhilarating! at 31 meters, this is the tallest man-made mountain Waterfall in Asia. Walk through mountainous Vana and Nava’s Cave to Coconut Beach and the Wave Pool.

Lazy River

At over 345 meters in length, this is one of the longest Lazy Rivers in Thailand. Bob along on a tube that snakes through the tropical jungle landscape, through caves and the waterfall, under bridges and around islands, an amazing ride.

Infinity Pool

Lap up the sun in our infinity plunge pool. Sip a local drink at our Swim-Up Bar, Fisherman’s Tavern, while enjoying the spectacular view of Vana Nava Falls.

Kiddie Cove

The Kiddie Cove has eleven interactive fountains and play structures, including slides from which kids can splash down into a child-friendly pool.


The Rain Fortress has seven slides that splash down into a child-friendly pool, where a giant bucket tips over an immense amount of water every 4-5 minutes, soaking everybody to the spontaneous sounds of laughter and excitement.


The only one of its kind in Thailand, and exhilarating course of ropes and challenging obstacles, combined with water guns. The AquaCourse is thrilling, entertaining and fun for all.

Coconut Beach

Our Wave Pool, set on a long, real sandy beach, features lush tropical landscaping, music and special events at the Wave Stage.


Thailand’s First Professional Underwater Studio by professional photography from Canon. This splashtasy world is the latest photo trend! Pick fashionable costumes, including a wedding gown, with makeup artist, hairstylist and cool backgrounds with stunning chromatic effects to capture your imagination!