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Physics & Mathematics Knowledge

Vana Nava Learning Center, located inside the water park, offers learning activities outside the classes for school groups who wish to do their field trip or extra-curricular activities here. We can offer knowledge that is in line with the Ministry of Education curriculum.

The learning center offers 200 square meters of useful space, consisting of a functional classroom, learning materials both printed and electronics, lecture subjects, and laboratory equipment including fun-based learning activities about science, mathematics and physics. It is certain that knowledge can be gained through a fun experience in the water park.

Science & Physics Station:
Station 1: Falling Ball Experiment Device
Students can study potential energy and kinetic energy during the ball‘s fall.
Station 2: Conservation of Energy Experiments
This unique system has curved track that allow students to build hills and valleys for Conservation of Energy Experiments.

Sample Schedule & Activities

Time Activities
10:00 hrs. Arrive at Vana Nava Water Jungle
10:30 – 11:30 hrs. A hands-on science experiment: Teachers and students are able to enjoy various activities from across the spectrum of science in the Vana Nava Learning Center
12:00 hrs. Lunch
13:00 hrs. Enjoy the world‘s best rides, slides, and incredible attractions
15:30 hrs. Meet at meeting point
16:00 hrs. Leaving Vana Nava Water Jungle with joy and knowledge

Contact us
Vana Nava Water Jungle
129/99 Tambon Nong-Gae Amphur Hua Hin
Prachuabkirikhan 77110
Telephone: 032 909 606
Email: sales@vananava.com

Vana Nava Hua Hin