In 1910, this spot was just a small fishing village on the Gulf of Siam. One day, a blue and green meteorite fell from the sky into the middle of the village. It cracked open, revealing a giant egg hidden inside. When the giant egg hatched, two strange creatures emerged. One was blue and one was green. They resembled a curious mix of seal, sea lion, otter, giraffe and even Nessie from Scotland! But they were lovable and the villagers called them Vana and Nava. Vana was the larger green one with hair like tentacles; he loved to live in the forest. Nava was smaller, blue, and preferred to live near water. In ancient Sanskrit, Vana means “forest” and Nava means “boat” — the names fit them well.

In time, the area was developed. Vana and Nava had not been seen for many years. However, during the final stage of construction of this waterpark, two amazing blue and green creatures were sighted hiding in the brush and trees. Suddenly they leapt out to experience all the rides and attractions. As they did so, the blue and green hues of their skin faded to white as all the colors of the waterpark became brighter and more colorful. They were sharing the magic of their joy for the fun of all! Eventually, these happy, stretchy and bouncy creatures decided to freeze themselves completely so that everyone can have fun with all the magic they had inside them. Vana and Nava live through the great times we have at the waterpark. The more fun we have, the happier they are!