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Private Meeting Room

Renting a Private Party Room

Apart from the attractions and rides, we also have private meeting rooms available on the 2nd floor of The Grove. These can be customized to your needs such as for meeting, seminar or training. Each room is equipped with a large screen TV, a music system and projectors, or karaoke machines upon request. The rooms connect to a large terrace area with views of the water park. Additionally, we can arrange meeting break, snack menu or luncheon subject to your organization requirements. The meeting room package starts from 3,000THB for 50 attendants.

Vana 1 & 2

Name Size (Sqm) Capacity (people)
Vana 1 55 30-50
Vana 1 & 2 110 60-100

Vana 3 & 4

Name Size (Sqm) Capacity (people)
Vana 3 55 30-50
Vana 3 & 4 110 60-100

A combined function room

All 4 VIP Rooms can be combined with the Tree Top Lounge, allowing usage of the entire 2nd floor, complete with terraces.

Name Size (Sqm) Capacity (people)
Tree Top Lounge, Vana 1 & 2, Vana 1 & 2, Full Terrace 600 400