Private Party Rooms

Renting a Private Party Room…

Our private party rooms are on the 2nd floor of The Grove. These can be customized to your needs. Each room is equipped with a large screen TV, a music system and projectors, or karaoke machines upon request. The rooms connect to a large terrace area with views of the water park or the main events plaza and concert stage.

Name Size (Sqm) Capacity (people)
Vana 1 55 30-50
Vana 1 & 2 110 60-100
Nava 1 55 30-50
Nava 1 & 2 110 60-100
All 4 VIP Rooms can be combined with the Tree Top Lounge, allowing usage of the entire 2nd floor, complete with terraces.
Name Size (Sqm) Capacity (people)
Tree Top Lounge, Vana 1 & 2, Vana 1 & 2, Full Terrace 600 400