Science Physics Workshop

Science Physics Workshop


Vana Nava Water Jungle has a learning center inside the water park for school groups who wish to do their field trip or extra-curricular activities here. We can offer knowledge that in line with Ministry of Education curriculum. The learning center has 200 square meters of useful space, consisting of a modest classroom, learning materials both printed and electronic, lecture subjects, and laboratory equipment including fun-based learning activities about science, mathematics and physics. Knowledge will be gained through fun experiences in the water park.

Station 1: Falling ball experiment device Students can study potential energy and kinetic energy during the ball‘s fall.

Station 2: Conservation of Energy Experiments This unique system has a curved track that allows students to build hills and valleys for Conservation of Energy experiments.


Sample Schedule & Activities

Time                      Activities

10.00 hrs.               Arrive at Vana Nava Water Jungle

10.30 – 11.30 hrs.    Enjoy with hands-on science experiment.

                              Teachers and students are able to enjoy in various activities

                              from across the spectrum of science in Vana Nava learning center.

12.00 hrs.               Lunch time

13.00 hrs.               Enjoy the world‘s best ride, slides, and incredible attractions

15.30 hrs.               Meet at meeting point

16.00 hrs.               Leaving Vana Nava Water Jungle with joy and knowledge.




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